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Frequently asked Questions for adults, parents and/or guardians.

How many people/children can be present?

As many as you like however all people/children will be seen and heard from one device. We recommend no more than 6 including children and parents/guardians. Larger groups are allowed but can become difficult.

Is the Zoom call secure?

Funsters elves are the host of the zoom call, we will create the password protected zoom call and invite you via email. 

Are Santa and his elves safe?

Santa and his elves have all received DBS checks. Santa and his elves are the talented staff from the team at Funsters. No outside contractors or actors used. 

How long will the video call last?

The booking is a 15 minute time slot and you will talk to Santa for 7-9 minutes depending on how interactive and/or large your group is. You will be introduced to one of Santa's helpers first who will do a sound and visual check, if any problems occur, we will try to solve them.

How do I download Zoom?

You can download the Zoom video app FREE from There will also be a link within your confirmation email and another link in a later email. We recommend trialing Zoom video calls with friends and family or pn 2 devices in different rooms of your home to familiarise yourself with how to use it.

How do I use Zoom for a video call?

Once you have downloaded the Zoom, open the application and follow the instructions. To join the Video call with Santa click the "JOIN" button (it's a plus sign +) type in the meeting I.D and password. The Meeting I.D and password will be sent to you via email up to 48 hours after your purchase.  The subject on the email is "Funsters Zoom video call with Santa".

My WiFi strength isn't good...

We recommend you trial Zoom as above at the location where you will receive the Zoom video call with Santa. If you have any problems you can try to resolve them before the call. Funsters has excellent WiFI strength and we also have portal devices to use in case of telephone line or internet emergencies.

My group is isolating do I need to cancel?

Video calling is a safe option so you can still see and talk to Santa without leaving your home/place of isolation. If this is still a problem, please see our cancellation policy.

How do you personalise the Zoom video call?

You will receive a confirmation email after booking and on this email will be a questionnaire, please complete and give as much detail as possible. We need your help to make this video call magical. 

My child(ren) or group is shy or doesn't like Santa, will a video call be a good idea?

Santa and his helpers will do everything they can to interact with your child(ren) or group, in a normal year we would be party hosting so we know a few skills to encourage child(ren) to join in. We ask the adults to chat to Santa and positively encourage the children to join in. It might help to show your child(ren) the video and photos of Santa before the video call. Santa can also continue the call making it personalised and referencing lots of festive activities/tales for you all to listen to, it's not essential that there is interaction but the magic of Christmas and Santa will be heard. Ultimately if anyone doesn't want to join that is fine, however this is not a reason for a refund. 

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