Covid-19 rules

Remember; hands, face and space.


Welcome back!

Firstly, welcome back to our customers! We have missed you and the play centre just isn’t the same without hearing the children happily playing.

We have been working hard to ensure we operate Funsters in a COVID-19 environment as secure as possible.

Indoor play has a very strict set of guidelines and laws on how they can operate so please bear with us there are lots of changes but still the same fun!

Rules of visiting

We now offer timed play sessions, which have to be pre booked via the online booking system.

On arrival at Funsters, to your pre booked play session, you must sanitise your hands and use the hand sanitiser provided frequently throughout your visit.

Everyone over the age of 11 MUST wear a face covering, except if you are exempt from wearing one.

If you can not wear a face covering then these additional rules apply to you;

you can not go on the play equipment,
you must stay 2 metres away from other groups/bubbles,
you must stay at your table unless necessary, this is to protect yourself, other people and the business from fines for not ensuring people follow the law, the staff will actively but politely have to enforce these rules.

Funsters staff do not discriminate, we just enforce the rules set out by the governing bodies and the government to keep everyone safe.

Funsters can only allow a very limited number of guests to enter without wearing a face covering, you may be refused entry as we have reached the limit.

Only people with genuine medical reasons should not wear a face covering, be considerate of others.

You must not attend if any one in your group/bubble is unwell, showing any signs of COVID-19 symptoms or isolating.

You must not attend if you have been told to isolate.

Everyone must scan the QR code for the NHS test and trace app.

We will take you to your allocated table.

Tables can not be moved and the chairs must remain around the table allocated.

Groups/bubbles can be either 6 people or 2 households. Children are included in these numbers.

You can not change tables and/or chairs.

There is now a separate entrance and exit once you come through the double doors and gates.

There is now a socially distanced queueing area for the counter to order food and drink, please follow the instructions on the signage.

There is also a socially distanced queuing area for the toilets, please follow the instructions on signage.

Adults can assist children on the play equipment;

By assist we mean following the children at a slow pace anyone seen to be over 12 with no child(ren) 12 or under near them will be asked to come off the play equipment promptly

Any food or drinks ordered will be brought to your table along with any cutlery and sauces needed.

Funsters staff have to frequently clean high contact points and:

Must complete a deep and thorough clean between play sessions
Complete a deep clean on opening and closing of the day
Staff must wear face coverings, unless they are exempt.

The guidelines tell us we must allow fresh air to flow through the venues and we have monitoring devices to measure the air quality. If and when the air quality goes below the specified amount Funsters has to open windows and doors to allow fresh air flow, please bring layers of clothes with you. We will have the heating on but we may have no choice but to open the windows and doors if the levels become too low, it would only be for a shortest period of time possible. Doors will have gates on to prevent the children being able to leave.

The pre booking system ensures we have everyone’s details for test and trace purposes.

Stage 4 of the roadmap to reopening of all businesses, including for indoor play, has not yet been released so rules may be subject to change.

We are all in this together, let’s all work together.

COVID-19 Secure

Remember; hands, face and space